Programs to Advance UAS Flight

The NPUASTS supports programs that enhance UAS flight and help build a larger ecosystem within the state. Learn more about how these are facilitating better and more practical UAS operations.

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Vantis, North Dakota's statewide UAS system administered by NPUASTS, is building the infrastructure and regulatory structure to provide turnkey support to UAS operators.

Suite of Services


Vantis provides shared infrastructure for BVLOS UAS including Command and Control (C2) radio, detect-and-avoid radar and sensors, and the central command (MNOC) integrated into larger airspace.


More than just the hardware and software components of traditional infrastructure initiatives, Vantis provides processes and protocols, such as change management procedures and safety risk management.

FAA Collaboration

Vantis' working relationship with FAA offices reduces obstacles and bureaucratic red tape for regulatory approval. It also informs and drives future federal regulation and policy for UAS operations.

Demand Generation and Outreach

Through its consulting services, Vantis educates operators, sharing data to inform business decisions, growing the UAS ecosystem and creating UAS demand for a variety of industries.

UAS Alliance

The Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) is composed of 29 of the world's leading research institutions and more than 100 leading industry and government partners. ASSURE members are core to four FAA UAS test sites, lead four FAA research centers, and have a multitude of UAS ranging from small drones below 55 pounds to the largest UAS at any US academic institution at 1,800 pounds.


FAA Announcements

In the 2019 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization, the United States Congress allocated funds for FAA to distribute to the industry for conducting uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) research. The key to these research activities was to help the industry push to the next level in their technology readiness levels (TRL) with a focus around the TRLs between 5 and 7. The idea was that this seed money could be used to help the industry continue to make key advancements that were needed in the UAS technology environment while capitalizing on the FAA designated UAS Test Sites to support test and evaluation.

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