Deciding who to work with often comes down to:

"Who has the equipment, the facilities, and the environment that I need?"

We do.



Our existing nationwide airspace approvals from the FAA have allowed us to streamline processes and procedures that allow for more routine operations, anywhere in the National Airspace System.

For circumstances where these wide-reaching approvals don't meet your needs, we have demonstrated expertise in obtaining customized approvals to fit the requested scope.

Facilities Grand Sky Camp Grafton University of North Dakota North Dakota State University


Our partnerships give us access to the full range of benefits available through innovative work in this region's thriving UAS ecosystem. We can also assist with logistical concerns like hotels, office space, conference rooms, and more.

Grand Forks Air Force Base/Grand Sky - Grand Sky is a local UAS business park attached to the Grand Forks Air Force Base. This collaboration provides users of the business park access to infrastructure like office space, hangers, Air Traffic Control tower services, and Air Force quality runways.

Camp Grafton - Camp Grafton is a North Dakota National Guard base located in Devil's Lake, ND, just 90 miles from our offices in Grand Forks, ND. This location is divided into two ranges (North and South), offering semi-urban and remote/rural locations, respectively, to meet individual operation needs.

Research Universities - Our connection to the University of North Dakota (UND) and North Dakota State University (NDSU) means that we have extensive access to researchers, faculty, students, interns, and classroom facilities.



Every project is unique, but we have significant resources that can be leveraged to meet your goals.

  • North Dakota is a hotspot of UAS expertise and innovation, and we have strong relationships with some of the most advanced technology and hardware providers in the industry
  • We have access to several advanced fixed site facilities, as well as to mobile trailers that are fully equipped with the latest technology so that we can conduct operations nearly anywhere
  • We have access to a wide range of aircraft, large and small, to encompass a wide variety of abilities
  • Our relationship with North Dakota's research universities provides us with a wider variety of assets to support desired research goals and objectives.