For everything else that the UAS industry encapsulates, at the end of the day, everyone wants to fly.

We'll get you in the air.

Pilots and Aircraft

Pilots and Aircraft

Need an aircraft or pilots to conduct testing? We have both, ready to support your research needs.

Already have aircraft and pilots but need airspace approvals or flight support? We can acquire airspace approvals and provide safety risk management support to allow you to test your own assets.

We'll also help you find the ideal location for your testing. North Dakota is well-equipped with a number of unique sites to meet a diverse range of needs. And if we don't have what you're looking for here? We have nationwide approvals - we'll bring the test site to you.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.


We have a long history of being at the forefront of Beyond Visual Line of Sight flights and research. We worked with the FAA to expand approvals from very baseline testing to more advanced operations. We were instrumental in expanding standard airspace approvals to large enough areas that BVLOS flights became relevant, we gained approvals to include daisy-chain observers as an interim step, and we've been involved in standards groups and conversations with industry experts to develop operational procedures to fly BVLOS safely and then to scale this out for commercial use.

The latest iteration of this is North Dakota's statewide BVLOS network, administered by the NPUASTS. We are in the process of building out infrastructure to enable true BVLOS across the entire state.

Advanced Operations
North Dakota Department of Transportation

Other Advanced Operations

Part of the value of the NPUASTS is that we have the knowledge and experience to find a way to achieve your goals through a plan that meets the FAA's rigorous safety requirements. Our relationship with this agency and our experience in these efforts allows us to continue to expand what the UAS industry thinks of as "possible."

Operations Over Human Beings - We've helped to streamline and accelerate the process for approvals related to flights over people. We did this by providing third-party validation of parachutes that mitigate related risks and also helped the North Dakota Department of Transportation and the Morton County Sheriff's Department get approvals for flight over people using ASTM-validated parachutes.

Daisy Chain Observers - Developed as a means of flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight in a location without physical infrastructure to enable it, Daisy Chain Observers provide a means for a UAS to fly out of sight of the pilot while remaining in sight of observers who can communicate with the pilot to ensure a safe operation.

UAS Traffic Management - We've worked with the FAA and NASA as part of the UTM Pilot Program to research and develop ways to manage all aviation traffic, including UAS.

Airport Operations

Airport Operations

One of the difficulties in the UAS industry is that much of the existing aviation infrastructure is built for manned aircraft. But we can help bridge that gap.

  • We've worked to reduce the distance for small UAS near an airport to increase flexibility
  • We have experience assessing existing airport infrastructure to determine if it can support a full range of UAS operations, and how that can be achieved
  • We've successfully integrated a thousand pound UAS into a regular airport without shutting it down, restricting access to manned aircraft, or disrupting airport operations. Not once - multiple times over a 3-year period, at two separate airports