Test Site Capabilities

1. Airport Ops with Manned and Unmanned Aircraft

Integrated UAS operations into airport environments without affecting general aviation

2. High Altitude BVLOS

First Test Site to receive BVLOS approval in controlled airspace

3. UAS Detection and Counter UAS

Performing UAS operations against UAS Detection and Counter UAS technologies

4. UAS Identification

Working with government and industry to test UAS ID technologies

5. Detect and Avoid

Expanding DAA technologies and procedures

6. Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Conducting flight operations to test BVLOS concepts and enhance supporting technologies for BVLOS activities

7. Complex Waivers/Advanced UAS Operations

Assisting industry with gathering data and preparing complex waivers to Part 107, including BVLOS, operations over people, night operations, and other regulations

8. Expansion of UTM Concepts and Procedures

Supporting government and industry to test UTM technologies, concepts, and procedures for low altitude UAS operations

9. Enabling Urban Air Mobility

Supporting Industry in flight tests of novel designs in personal transportation

10. Terrestrial Surveillance and CNPC Network

Support building of RTCA MOPS compliant CNPC and surveillance network

11. Electronic Observer

Replacing the visual observer with technology