Providing A Safe & Efficient UAS Research Environment

The NP UAS TS is committed to working closely with the FAA and the UAS community to further UAS NAS Integration efforts. All research projects presented to the NP UAS TS will be, at the maximum extent possible, mapped to goals and objectives outlined by the FAA, JPDO, ASTM, RTCA, and other UAS community organizations.


Privacy Policy

It is the policy of the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site (NPUASTS) that all flying under the NPUASTS utilize the policies and procedures of UND’s Committee on UAS Research Ethics and Privacy.

This will ensure our compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines associated with the ethics of flying UAS at the NPUASTS as well as the requirements in the FAA’s Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), Article 3.

Privacy and Ethics Statement by Executive Director Nicholas Flom

Current Research Efforts
Current Research Efforts
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