Providing A Safe & Efficient UAS Research Environment

The NP UAS TS is committed to working closely with the FAA and the UAS community to further UAS NAS Integration efforts. All research projects presented to the NP UAS TS will be, at the maximum extent possible, mapped to goals and objectives outlined by the FAA, JPDO, ASTM, RTCA, and other UAS community organizations.



FAA Research Focal Point

FAA - SIR 13R2 UAS Test Site Selection

  • System Safety / Data Gathering

  • UAS Aircraft Certification

  • Command / Control Link Issues

  • Control Station Layout & Certification


  • Environmental Impacts of UAS Ops

  • User-Specific Applications & Implications*

  • *Added in North Dakota’s SIR Response

JPDO Comprehensive Plan

  • Routine Public Small UAS Visual Line-of-Sight (VLOS) Operations Conducted in the NAS (without special authorization; i.e., Certificate of Authorization)

  • Routine Civil Small UAS VLOS Operations Conducted in the NAS (without special authorization; i.e., Special Airworthiness Certificate)

  • Routine Public UAS Operations in the NAS

  • Routine Civil UAS Operations in the NAS

  • Define, Determine, and Establish Acceptable Levels of Automation for UAS in the NAS

  • Foster U.S. International Leadership in UAS Capabilities and in Standards Development

FAA - Integration of Civil UAS in the NAS Roadmap

  • Certification Requirements (Airworthiness)

  • Certification Requirements (Pilot/Crew)

  • Ground Based SAA

  • Airborne SAA

  • Control and Communications (C2)

  • sUAS and other rules

  • Test Ranges

  • Air Traffic Interoperability

  • Miscellaneous

NP UAS TS Infrastructure
NP UAS TS Partner Capabilities

The research university team members of the NP UAS TS has far reaching capabilities not directly linked to UAS flight execution. The following is a list of capabilities and areas of expertise that could be utilized to help capitalize on other efforts to expand UAS and their applications.

  • Microelectronics Circuit Card Design Assembly (SMT Pick and Place)
  • Microelectronics Miniaturization – Design and Fabrication
  • Reliability and Failure Analysis Laboratory
  • Anechoic Chamber for Antenna Measurements
  • Agriculture Application Expertise
  • Transportation Application Expertise
  • Polymers and Coatings Technologies
  • High Performance Computing Center
  • Big Data Analytics and Data Mining
  • Manned & Unmanned Aviation Expertise
  • Atmospheric Science Expertise and Weather Research Centers
  • Space Industry Expertise - Human Spaceflight Laboratory
  • Human Factors, Medicine, Business, & Law Expertise
  • Energy & Environmental Research Center
  • Business & Tech Accelerator
  • Computer Science Expertise with High Performance Computing
  • Aerospace Network
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering Laboratory
  • Payload Design & Integration